Bell Pottinger’s bad week is about to get even worse

By Alec Hogg

If it had been a tad less arrogant, a touch less brutal, a fraction less personal, I might be feeling sorry for Bell Pottinger right now. Because the London agency which chose the Guptas over ethics is about to have a horrible end to an already terrible week.

DA Abroad chairman Will van der Merwe and his fellow volunteers have been working late this week producing posters they will be waving Friday¬†afternoon outside the Gupta agency’s offices in Holborn, London. They’re calling on other London-based Saffers to join them in a very public protest from¬†5pm to 7pm.

Van der Merwe says Bell Pottinger’s apology was far from acceptable. And the agency won’t be off the hook until proper restitution has been made. This starts with paying all the fees earned from the Guptas into a fund for SA underprivileged schools. And to spill every bean on precisely what they actioned while doing their noxious client’s bidding.

The Zupta grip over SA national resources is loosening. Soon it will be gone. Gradually, then suddenly.

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