Plunderers’ bad year just got worse – #Guptaleaks emails now publicly available online

By Alec Hogg

Yesterday was the worst day in what has already been a rotten year for the crony capitalist Gupta family. It started with Bloomberg publishing a 6,000 word expose’ targeted at the news giant’s massive global audience. Its title – The Brothers Who Bought South Africa – provides a taste of what’s inside.

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But even worse came later for the plundering friends of president Jacob Zuma. At the request of the SA Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises, a chunk of documents from the incriminating #GuptaLeaks have been made publicly available online.

Published by the Platform for the Protection of Whistleblowers in Africa (PPLAAF), a selection from hundreds of thousands of emails, documents and invoices is there for everyone to see, neatly divided into easily searchable sections. So if you ever fancied yourself as an investigative journo here’s your chance to “join the dots.”

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PPLAAF says the site will be accessible for the next 10 days, so no time to tarry. The link to this veritable treasure chest is:  We’ll happily publish the best contributions from this investigative journalism crowdsourcing project on Biznews. Send your contributions to me at [email protected]. Happy hunting.

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