Last round called at the Saxonwold Shebeen

Enjoyed interviewing a couple of unsung heroes yesterday. Both Paul O’Sullivan and Graeme Joffe have sacrificed a great deal in the fight against Zupta-led corruption. One spent four nights in jail being tortured by crooked cops. The other only avoided such treatment – or worse – by leaving the country.

They exposed a sickening cancer – one in the criminal justice system, the other in SA sports administration. And although their journeys were very different, both say the biggest losers have been those who can least afford it. They are determined to see the perpetrators behind bars.

O’Sullivan and Joffe may soon see their wishes fulfilled. A friend reminded me this week that there is never honour among thieves. Members of the once omnipotent network of corruption are now singing loudly in the hope of saving themselves. Jails are awful places. SA jails even more so.

The Beloved Country’s version of Brazil’s Operation Car Wash is coming fast. Time to close the Saxonwold Shebeen. Permanently. Hope springs.

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