The virtuous circle of SA’s homecoming revolution that’s gathering momentum

By Alec Hogg

A London pal reminded me that Rob Hersov, scion of SA’s famous mining family, recently relocated his family back to South Africa. After more than a decade in the UK, Jacques Basson, creator of the Klipkouers podcasts, has done the same. Judging from conversations after December 18’s historic Ramaphosa victory, the homecoming revolution trickle is likely to become a flood.

Attracting those with globally marketable skills back to SA is a very good thing. It sparks a virtuous circle which helps raise the entire SS South Africa. It raises competitiveness which comes through improved expertise, and sparks higher tax revenues that help the entire ecosystem.

It’s something which is hard to over-exaggerate. Given the chance, South Africans shine anywhere. Something I’ve been reminded of here in Davos.

Greg Beadle, for instance, has been flown in from Cape Town as a member of an elite pool of photographers who snap the event’s key moments. And Saffers Adam Solomon, Sam Holman and their LiquidChefs team are once again catering for Davos’s most prestigious functions. Good to be reminded, isn’t it? Hope springs.

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