Acting boss Mark Kingon may be warming SARS seat ahead of Ivan Pillay’s return

By Alec Hogg

It took Pravin Gordhan two years longer than he expected, but there can now be no doubt his legacy of an efficient and respected SA Revenue Services is in the process of being restored.

Shortly after he was re-appointed Finance Minister in late 2015, I asked Gordhan what he intended doing about more than 100 top executives ejected from SARS by a Zuma-friendly management which put political loyalty above proficiency. Many of those forced out were appointed during the decade when Gordhan ran SARS.

Not surprisingly, Gordhan said fixing this was a top priority. But his efforts were stymied and he was even forced to back down after threatening to resign if the controversial Commissioner, Zuma-ally Tom Moyane, wasn’t replaced. That’s firmly in the past and a rejuvenation at SARS now beckons, complete with the reappointment of the departed.

Witness new acting Commissioner Mark Kingon, one of the trusted “go-to” SARS execs of the Gordhan era. I had the privilege of engaging directly with him on a number of occasions over the years and have no doubt the right person is now captaining the ship. Perhaps temporarily, however, if his axed former boss Ivan Pillay can be persuaded to return.