Proudly South African ambassadors (with visas) flying the flag aboard

By Alec Hogg

Flag map of the United Kingdom

Had a hamburger yesterday with a bright young South African who is in the UK for a few weeks. He wanted to know how my relocation to London had gone, hoping to learn from that experience. I enjoy spending time with people from the old country. Especially those who, like my new young friend, cast their eyes abroad for the right reasons.

From the dozens of South Africans I’ve met in London, the happiest are those who moved here to broaden their horizons. These folk have been drawn towards an arena they perceive to be more challenging. They’re usually ambitious or just eager to test their skills in a bigger pond. A bit like the fellow from a small town who moves to the big city.

No matter how many decades these folk have lived in the UK, their blood remains uniformly green, they always regard SA as home, and they’ll retaliate forcefully when hearing someone dissing the homeland (ask Bell Pottinger).

These are the global citizens every country needs. My new young friend appears to be one of them. Now, if only he could land that damn Work Visa

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