Graft-buster O’Sullivan warns Sunday Times: I’m taking you DOWN!

EDINBURGH ‚ÄĒ Paul O’Sullivan is a forensic investigator and patriotic South African who has made it his business to bring down the corrupt and the captured. He started with former police commissioner, Jackie Selebi, about 15 years ago, proving links between the Interpol heavyweight and crime gang boss Radovan Krejcir. Both were jailed. Members of state investigative unit the Hawks were jailed along with Krejcir. O‚ÄôSullivan has relentlessly attacked the captured in the Gupta-Zuma network and provided information for the Jacques Pauw bestseller, The President‚Äôs Keepers, that picked apart the details of state capture and corruption. He has pushed for the closure of Gupta-linked news media outlets, like The New Age and ANN7. Now he has got the Sunday Times in his sights. You may recall that Sunday Times journalists happily published the details of a fabricated report framing anti-corruption officials within the South African Revenue Service, a document that also played a role in helping former president Jacob Zuma to sideline former finance minister Pravin Gordhan? O’Sullivan explains to the Sunday Times why he is upping the ante. – Jackie Cameron

Email from Paul O’Sullivan

Dear Mr Tau,

Thank you for the evidence I have long sought, that the Sunday Times was an integral part of STATE CAPTURE.

Ms Trent is out of town until mid-October 2018, so cannot respond to your dishonestly intentioned e-mail. You therefore have only my response and you can state she did not respond to your mails. Alternatively, you can wait until mid-October and print her considered response, as she is uncontactable until then.

It is clear to me that you are nothing more than a willing agent of a corrupt ex-acting chief of Police, Mr Phahlane and his equally corrupt accomplices, that have lived from the proceeds of crime for many years, undetected until I exposed them.

It seems you follow the fraudulent Phahlane narrative that Paul O‚ÄôSullivan is a super-human being, or Phahlane‚Äôs dishonest lawyers line that I am a vigilante. Meanwhile, unlike the corrupt Phahlane I am merely a simple honest South African that is guided by extremely high personal ethics, which I understand the¬†SundayTimes does not understand, as is clear from:¬†¬†This clearly defines the significant role the¬†Sunday¬†Times had in assisting Jacob Zuma and his criminal syndicate in promoting the ‚Äėcapture‚Äô of the criminal justice system. It also explains why the¬†Sunday¬†Times is dead keen to be part of the¬†‚Äėsilence O‚ÄôSullivan‚Äô¬†mechanism.

Sarah-Jane Trent and Paul O’Sullivan. (Alec Hogg).

The problem you have is that a whole captured Criminal Justice System could not silence O’Sullivan despite three years of systematic abuse of power, so I am at a loss to understand how the morally bankrupt remnants of a captured (but once noble) Sunday Times will succeed, where the criminals with badges and gowns have failed.

I have it as my long ago published intention to PUBLICLY expose the Sunday Times for its role in State Capture and permanently close its doors, just as I have promoted the closing of the doors of ANN7, The New Age and Bell Pottinger. Curiously, The Sunday Times was last on my list. However (since the rest are now history) the Sunday Times is now FIRST on my list. Thanks for the opportunity to finish the job.

So come on Mr Tau, let’s get the last tango in Johannesburg going. Who knows, maybe you will go down in history as having unwittingly helped me consign your morally corrupt publication to the gutter where they truly belong.

I dare your publication to print my stated goal of making the Sunday Times pay for what it has done to our country, which in my opinion should see it’s owners in prison and its journalists permanently unemployed.

For the avoidance of doubt, should your corrupt paper publish any defamatory story about me or my staff, I shall publish your mails and my reply on as I have long held the belief that the Sunday Times is a (criminal) part of the problem and NOT part of the solution.

I shall also sue you and your accomplices for defamation and leave no stone unturned to make you pay.

I shall then make it my stated intention to close your publication down, once and for all and save this country further grief at the hands of dishonest cheque-book journalism.

So come on Mr Tau, let’s get this party rolling and see who is the true survivor, after the TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.

My detailed response to your ill-thought out questions, which display your criminal intent, are published below. Yes ‚Äėpublished‚Äô as I have chosen to (blind) copy your mail to some decent honest journalists, that were NOT engaged in the unlawful capture of the criminal justice system.

I will not entertain any further communications with you, as I will not be further harassed by criminals. I am hence BLOCKING your mails after my response.

And to think I repeatedly risked my life for people like you.

I reserve my rights.

Best wishes,

Paul O’Sullivan

Email from Poloko Tau

Greetings Mr. O‚ÄôSullivan and Ms Trent, (bold parts are Paul’s in email response)

The¬†Sunday¬†Times has learnt from evidence-backed¬†(O’Sullivan: DEFINE EVIDENCE BACKED ‚Äď or do you mean criminal backed?)¬†information following last year‚Äôs statement by IPID Head Robert McBride in parliament in May last year that Paul O‚ÄôSullivan‚Äôs role in the corruption investigation against the suspended former acting police commissioner General Kgomotso Phahlane was ‚Äúminuscule‚Ä̬† and that of a complainant who opened the case with IPID, that O‚ÄôSullivan‚Äôs involvement with IPID was a little beyond that.

Had Phahlane’s accomplice, Nhleko, not have unlawfully suspended McBride in 2015, Phahlane would have already been convicted for corruption. Who knows, maybe him, his corrupt family (who shared the proceeds of crime with him) and Nhleko would have shared a cell together

This was after Phahlane has complained that O‚ÄôSullivan was working way too closely with ¬†IPID in his case. He has also said IPID was ‚Äúcaptured‚Ä̬† by O‚ÄôSullivan. A string of WhatsApp messages and email exchanges between McBride, Sarah-Jane Trent, O‚ÄôSullivan and some IPID officials/investigators strongly suggest that indeed O‚ÄôSullivan played a pivotal role in the investigation against Phahlane.¬†For the avoidance of doubt when Sarah-Jane Trent was¬†kidnapped¬†from my offices, by criminals with badges at the instance of your criminal client Phahlane in February 2017, the criminals (with badges) stole her cellular phone, unlawfully sent it to an Israeli intelligence agency and unlawfully downloaded it contents. Mabula and his accomplices then, in patent breach of¬†Section 70 of the Police Service Act, shared the contents of the phone with the criminal (phahlane) who in turn shared it with his criminal lawyers, who included same in court papers, not realising that they were leaving an audit trail of their despicable crimes, the sentence which, on conviction, is TWO YEARS in prison. Since it seems you are an accessory after the fact, I guess you are happy to do two years in prison for your crimes!!!!! I will test your resolve in that regard.

Sunday Times has seen emails among others where: I assume you to be in possession of Phahlane criminal syndicate fabrications, which are nothing more than a fraud.

*Trent was asking for an identity number of former police minister Nathi Nhleko in an offer to dig any dirt on him¬†‚Äď RUBBISH AND UNTRUE ‚Äď but for what it‚Äôs worth, I agree that Nhleko is truly corrupt and should be held criminally accountable for his ‚Äėcapture‚Äô of the criminal justice system. See¬†¬†Will you help Forensics for Justice to pop Nhleko into prison after we have popped Phahlane into Prison where he and his corrupt family belong? I somehow doubt it.

*McBride sharing the entire former acting police commissioner Phahlane investigation with O‚ÄôSullivan and even asking him for input – RUBBISH AND UNTURE ‚Äď the opposite is true, we shared what we had on Phahlane‚Äôs syndicate with IPID (not OPID as your corrupt paymaster might have you say) See¬†which to this day, despite being up there for more than two years the corrupt Phahlane family have not tried to have taken down.

*McBride asking for O‚ÄôSullivan‚Äôs input on how to respond to questions from journalists¬†‚Äď RUBBISH AND UNTRUE the fact is that Nhleko UNLAWFULLY suspended McBride to protect both Phahlane and Ntlemeza, who were part of Zuma‚Äôs State Capture machinery to protect Zuma‚Äôs near and dear criminal syndicate, including Myeni and her (and Zuma‚Äôs) son Thalente, See¬†¬†and¬†

*IPID investigator asking Trent if O‚ÄôSullivan had any questioned he needed him to ask Phahlane the following day when he is interviewed: Please provide evidence of this patently Phahlane fabricated false allegation ‚Äď put up or shut up.

*Trent regularly asking for updates on Phahlane investigation from an IPID who in turn gave information gathered on how and when the suspended former police boss purchased houses and cars¬†SEE ABOVE ‚Äď for what it‚Äôs worth we supplied IPID with details on how the corrupt Phahlane family benefitted from their criminal conduct, including houses bought with the proceeds of crime, as is clear from looking at¬†¬†I personally flew over the properties and took photographs BEFORE opening the docket.

*Trent drafting a press statement to be attributed to IPID spokesperson, Moses Dlamini Is this what that criminal Phahlane or his accomplices told you?

*Communication between Trent and McBride in which a meeting was arranged with O‚ÄôSullivan who according to Trent was having a ‚Äúplan‚Ä̬† regarding McBride‚Äôs Nhleko matter¬†SEE ABOVE ‚Äď Nhleko should be asked to explain his patently criminal conduct since 2014, not the other way around. Did you seek comment from Nhleko as to why he committed his offences?

  1. Your response to the above?¬†Please see section 70 of the Police Service Act ‚Äď I have decided to open a criminal docket against you Mr Tau, Phahlane and Mabula who it is now clear to me are part of the same criminal syndicate. I will send you the case number as soon as I have it and you can then report that you are a SUSPECT in a case that could see you spending two years in prison, along with the Phahlane family, who will spend a lot longer in prison, when their corrupt crimes are exposed. If we had proper policing in SA, which we have not had, since Selebi was posted in 2000, there would be approximately 100,000 more South Africans alive today that were murdered. How many murders, rapes and robberies took place due to the collapse, followed by the corrupt capture of the criminal justice system? What part did the¬†Sunday¬†Times have in that capture and those rapes, robberies and murders? That is the real question you should be asking Mr Taiu, instead of being a mouth-piece for corrupt ex-cops.
  2. Do you Paul see your role in the Phahlane investigation by IPID as ‚Äúminuscule‚ÄĚ?¬†I absolutely do, when one looks at all the other evidence IPID have uncovered AFTER I opened the docket in early 2016, despite the lies put your by your ‚Äėsource‚Äô Phahlane, who should have been in prison years ago, if he had not of been part of the capture of the criminal justice system of SA
  3. Do you agree that IPID officials have often sought your advice and guidance in the Phahlane matter? Rubbish and part of the fraudulent Phahlane criminal narrative, which you are obviously a part of, as you repeat his fraud in a parrot-fashion manner, which has since flopped after the closure of the Zupta-led media, leaving only the Sunday Times to pursue his corrupt agenda.
  4. Have your office through Ms Trent ever drafted a media statement or gave direction on how a journalist’s response should be handled? Ask your boss or Phahlane where they got that fraudulent idea from.
  5. Would you agree with Phahlane that IPID was ‚Äúcaptured‚ÄĚ by yourself?¬†No, that is a Phahlane criminal perspective, I have copied that Phahlane, ask him yourself and don‚Äôt use me as a middle-man to get your responses, ask him yourself when you have coffee with him at his R8m mansion built on the proceeds of crime.
  6. Are you still closely working with IPID in the Phahlane investigation? I ceased all my work on that case, more than 18 months ago, after Phahlane had his criminal associates kidnap my staff and myself and create trumped up charges against us all, a matter that he will also have to pay for, along with his (criminals with badges) accomplices.
  7. Do you still believe that the ‚ÄúMabula team‚ÄĚ has pursued yourself and Ms Trent including the arrests because of your involvement in the Phahlane case?¬†WITHOUT A DOUBT ‚Äď which is why I will not rest until I see them all off to prison, where all corrupt criminal cops belong.
  8. Do you believe yourselves and IPID officials were targeted by the ‚ÄúMabula team‚ÄĚ before¬† they were pulled off by the court?¬†ABSOLUTELY, they were merely the proxy for Phahlane and this is why they will all eventually go to prison ‚Äď since they cannot get criminals with badges as their proxy, they have fallen back on the¬†SundayTimes to save themselves, just like the corrupt capturers of SARS and the DPCI did.
  9. Given a chance, would you give your all to ensure a case against Phahlane is tightened for a successful prosecution?¬†YOU BET! Criminals like that and his family belong in prison, until a clear message is sent out that crime does not pay, especially if you are a dirty cop ‚Äď I have it on record that I will not rest until I see justice for their crimes. Whilst these Zuptoid people were busy looting our country thousands of decent South Africans were being robbed, raped and murdered, but the captured criminal justice system let them down, because they were too busy protecting those near and dear to a corrupt president, as is clear from the latest crime statistics.
  10. What exactly has been your role in the IPID investigation against Phahlane?¬†Please see the docket I opened. That‚Äôs my only role.¬†¬†The docket was deliberately ‚Äėsquashed‚Äô by Phahlane‚Äôs criminal associates which Nhleko and Zuma ‚Äėplanted‚Äô at IPD to capture IPID after unlawfully suspending McBride

Please feel free to add any other information you may deem relevant to this subject beyond what is already raised herein above. Thank you.

The only thing I could possibly add is, go get yourself a job with a proper media outlet and stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution.

I am publishing your mail and my response as I will be out of town from close of play tomorrow and uncontactable. I hope you will NOT use this chance to say you could not get hold of me and reserve my rights in this regard.

Do not be surprised if you get some honest journalists phoning you for comment on your dishonesty and the role of the Sunday Times in State Capture.

Kind regards

Poloko Tau

Investigative Reporter

Email from Paul O’Sullivan

I thought you should see this SMS sent to IPID Principal Investigator and copied to me at 16h55 on 2016-11-20:

Now, you may ask, why am I sending you this

Well, it’s my considered opinion, that you were behind this SMS being sent to myself and to Mandla Mahlangu of IPID. I note that the SMS expresses an intention to kill me, and the investigator, (it says he can die with me) if he does not stop with his investigations. I understand why you want me dead, but you should not threaten senior investigators of IPID with such things, that’s likely to cause more trouble for you.

In fact I know you are behind it and I will state now, why I know:

Firstly, in order to create a red-herring, you suggest that I am in cahoots with various people and include yourself in that list. You know full well I am not in cahoots with you, you know I want you in prison, for the good of SA. However, you include yourself, so that we will think it could not have come from you. A really unintelligent double-bluff, that has failed.

Next, you have this person, Tsholofelo Mogale, whom I have traced the cellular number 079 580 9150 to, let you use her phone to send the message, and then the phone is switched off. It’s still off.

The same message that you send to Mandla Mahlangu is copied to me, but is meant to intimdiate Mandla Mahlangu of IPID, by the same 079 580 9150.


My ONLY association with Mandla Mahlangu is that I am helping him with investigations on IPID Docket, CNN 2016030085. This is a docket I opened in January this year against you, following intensive investigations which began last year. The docket pertains to your corrupt relationship with the owners of a supplier to SAPS Forensics Division, which you used to head, and still control. To launder the money that was paid to you in carrier bags, you used the same cash to build an 803 square metre mansion at Sable Hills Waterfront Estate. I know this, and now we (the we being myself and IPID investigators) can prove this.

On 2016-11-09, I traced the builder of the house, by using old-fashioned detective work and shoe-leather on the floor. Mandla and a colleague of his were with me when I did it, as we were chasing a paper-trail and I was assisting them, since I knew what you’d been up to. We then went and had a short meeting with this guy, his name is Frikkie Terblanche. Frikkie very quickly made startling admissions. He admitted that he was paid in cash for the whole construction project. His discussions with us were recorded and transcribed and this is precisely what he said:

Mandla          you knew that this is going to happen for some time

Frik                  he paid me in cash, so I don’t need a lawyer

Frik                  ya, he gave me money in Checkers or Spar, I can’t remember, cash.

Mandla          lots of money?

Frik                  the first time it was three hundred and something three hundred and fifty thousand.

Mandla          in cash?

Frik                  in cash

Mandla          and you said something about a second payment how much was it?

Frik                 also cash about three hundred and something thousand

There is a lot more admissions concerning how the house was paid for. But the above should serve to show you have a big problem and you know it. Hence the threats.

Frikkie was warned NOT to communicate with you. I guess he was worried and his (betrayal of you) feelings got the better of him as, last Wednesday being 2016-11-16 he called you and told you what he had done, with all the detail. But he did not tell you his discussions with us were recorded, as he did not know, until last Friday afternoon at about 12h40, when Mandla called him and told him. There is no doubt that he then called you again and told you what Mandla had said to him, concerning the recording of his initial discussions, where he admitted you paid him in cash. Since Mandla had left his business card with Frikkie, with his telephone number on it and since he had my telephone number as well, he clearly supplied that information to you. In doing what he did, he broke the law, and the offence is known as Defeating the Ends of Justice.

And what did you do, you picked up the phone last Wednesday and called the estate manager at Sable Hills Waterfront Estate last . You told him, in no uncertain terms, that he was not to cooperate with the guys from IPID and he was NOT to give anything pertaining to you or your house to IPID. That conduct makes you guilty of the same offence as Frikkie, ie Defeating the Ends of Justice.

And what did you do after Frikkie called you on Friday afternoon and told you that Mandla had called him and told him that the call with him had been recorded? You had a sleepless night, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday you asked Tsholofelo Mogale to let you use her phone and you sent a crude message to Mandla and copied me.

In that SMS you tell Mandla that he can die with me, or stop working with me. It can ONLY have been you, as no-one else had the knowledge that I was assisting the IPID, Mandla in particular, to obtain crucial evidence against you.

That was a big mistake and will not only speed up your entry to prison, it will see that you get longer time in prison.

Of course, your criminal conduct does not just extend to the house built with cash kick-backs from a supplier to the police. There are a lot other areas where you have been found wanting, and I have no doubt that in the fullness of time, you will face the music for all of it.

One of these things, is my unlawful arrest and torture, at the hands of your accomplice Mokotedi. I’ve only now joined the dots on that one. In fact I sent an e-mail to another of Ntlemeza’s accomplices, only on Saturday, where I have implicated him in sharing with you, the docket I opened against you. The attached e-mail I have sent to that Kgamanyane, speaks for itself, and is evidence of your collusion with Mokotedi and my ensuing arrest.

I told this to Selebi 15 yeasr ago, and I’m telling this to you now.

PREPARE YOURSELF FOR PRISON. I will send you there.

By copy to the Deputy President I am requesting you to be relieved of your duties NOW!

Don’t even dream of threatening me again, or you will wake up and suffer the consequences

Best wishes,

Paul O’Sullivan

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