Victorious Adrian Lackay reminds us that Manners Maketh Man

By Alec Hogg

Former SARS spokesman Adrian Lackay joined SA’s tax collection agency in 2003 while Pravin Gordhan was in charge. A typical Gordhan employee, he says that he chose the public sector so he could contribute to something bigger than himself.

Lackay referred often to this “higher purpose” in Rogue, the book he co-authored with SARS colleague Johann van Loggerenberg. And did so again in our interview last night. He has spent the last three years defending a R12m defamation suit brought against him by former SARS boss Tom Moyane. That suit was dropped last Thursday.

The statement lacks any hint of a victory gloat. Instead, its thrust is one of thanks – to his family; Webber Wentzel; Adv Max du Plessis; Janet Love and Legal Resources Centre; Freedom Under Law and Suzman and Kathrada Foundations.

Despite what he was subjected to, Lackay hasn’t lost his manners. Providing a living example of the truism that Manners (really does) Maketh Man. Shot, Adrian.