Taking deep breath easier when you remember, this too shall pass

By Alec Hogg

Empathy is one of those wonderful concepts which is so easy in theory, but really difficult to apply. Especially when you’re under attack. Unfairly, of course, because as human beings it is natural for us to assume our critics are wrong.

Maybe it’s the change in seasons, but I’ve found myself taking a few deep breaths after some recent emails. In times like this it has helped to recall the sage advice about never judging until you’ve walked a mile in someone’s shoes. People lash out for a reason. Often you just happen to be the most convenient target.

Once the mist lifts, once balance returns, I never fail to appreciate how doing nothing is so often the best decision. How defending oneself needlessly escalates the situation. Because nobody actually ever wins an argument.

Those wise men of yore who advised their sultan sure got it right when advising him of the four best words in any situation: This too shall pass.