Ever positive, PSG founder Jannie Mouton draws curtain on a great career

Six months after publicly disclosing the onset of his early dementia, Jannie Mouton (72) has stepped away from the R54bn business he created 23 years ago. Yesterday Mouton tendered his resignation, with immediate effect, as chairman and director of the PSG Group.

His typically honest resignation letter says having smoothy handed over the PSG baton, he now intends making the most of the time he has left by focusing on his health. The rest of the missive is classic Mouton highlighted by his message that South Africa remains a land of great opportunity because of “intelligent, resilient, considerate and responsible” people.

He urges his now former colleagues to remember that success requires innovation, hard work, dedication and a bit of luck. And urges them to approach every challenge as an opportunity because “a negative person has never really created anything.”

One of a kind, this inspirational Afrikaner who started again from scratch after being fired at 48 by the stockbrokerage he started. Little did those who betrayed him realise he would go on to establish something far bigger and better. We at Biznews wish Jannie and his devoted Diedre blessings and long life. This masterful job creator deserves nothing less.

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