Internet is the colt revolver of our modern Wild West

Thank you to thousands who responded to yesterday’s request by filling in our “monkey puzzle” – and apologies to those who struggled accessing the survey (which mysteriously didn’t show up on mobiles). This feedback is invaluable in helping us serve you better.

In the past, a survey of this size would have taken months and cost big bucks. It would have been beyond the reach of all but the largest companies. That’s not the only way the business field has been levelled. A practical reminder of which, appropriately, came to me while reading your comments in Question 10.

It was a call to my mobile from a Quickpro Solutions rep. Only when she started asking about a non-existent accident did I realise this was a robot. The voice was that good. Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for the unscrupulous. But where Quickpro and its like gets their come-uppance is the way tech levels the playing field for consumers.

Google and Companies House quickly exposed all I needed to know about this operation – a one director business with minus £6,700 in capital which was previously struck off by the Registrar of Companies. Like Samuel Colt’s invention did for the Wild West 150 years ago, the internet has become “the great equaliser” of our time. Use it.

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