Kanthan’s purple cow has credentials to shake up SA politics

In July last year, I had a memorable lunch with an old friend at the recently renovated The Bull Run restaurant in the heart of Sandton. The vibrant conversation helped digest some very ordinary food. Because it’s always a treat to break bread with Kanthan Pillay, one of a handful of exceptional editors I’ve reported to in a long journalistic career.

Ever since our paths joined at eTV two decades back we’ve stayed in touch. Mostly because Kanthan is gifted AND lots of fun. One of those rare individuals who brims with rational ways to solve the world’s problems. Last July at that appropriately named eatery, he shared a secret. One that was publicly unveiled Sunday. The purple cow has arrived.

Kanthan is one of ten driving forces behind the new Capitalist Party of SA, ZACP for short, which will contest SA’s May 8 election. Its initial aim is to get at least 10 “positive disruptors” into Parliament. That will require around 500,000 votes. A lofty goal. But given all the planning and forethought, not insurmountable.

Being self-funded, ZACP has timed its entry as late as possible for maximum impact. And in SA’s depressing political environment, who knows. Parliament needs as many fresh ideas, bright eyes and bushy tails as it can get. And knowing Kanthan, this purple cow may well become more than just a passing fancy. Like capitalism itself.

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