New LATE FINAL pre-election survey – please help shape our coverage

With two days to SA’s big vote, we’d like you to revisit the very popular pre-election survey we ran a month ago. Borrowing from newspapers, we’ve called this survey the LATE FINAL edition and trust you’ll invest two minutes to fill in the form which you’ll find by clicking here.

The idea is twofold: first to understand how those we serve will vote in the 2019 election; second to gauge how developments of the past month have influenced the Biznews community’s approach to this potentially watershed event. The results will help us to understand where we need to put our attention over the next few days.

Although the focus at Biznews is about business and investment, given the impact of corruption, mismanagement and poor governance, we’ve dedicating a lot of time lately to the political economy. After Wednesday’s vote we’re expecting to be able to return to that core competency.

However, to ensure the best possible coverage of Election 2019, our London correspondent Linda van Tilburg, a long-time SA political correspondent, has flown out to lead our team. We intend helping you get through the clutter and provide the information you want. You can help us to achieve this by filling in our survey (it’s anonymous).