One of world’s best money managers just loves Naspers’ Tencent

Some good news for South African investors from Sweden and, in particular, that country’s top money manager, 41 year old Lisa Synning. Bloomberg published a piece on the outperforming Ms Synning over the weekend, highlighting how her portfolio last year “trounced” 99% of the world’s other emerging market funds, and beats 95% of them over the last five years.

Her secret? Betting heavily on Hong Kong-based Tencent Holdings and its domestic competitor Alibaba. South Africa’s Naspers, with 31%, is the biggest shareholder in Tencent. And the Chinese company matters to most SA investors as its fortunes determine the direction of Naspers shares which carry a 20% weighting in the main JSE index.

Ms Synning says she has been increasing her already substantial exposure to the Chinese champions. Reason: “People underestimate how much these companies can grow. They’re disrupting themselves. Everything Tencent and Alibaba are developing for the future is underestimated.” Something to bring a smile to many faces this Monday morning.