Rational Radio tonight: Tongaat, Game Bubble bursts and SA’s gas story  

After four pilots, we’re now sufficiently confident to tell you our new Rational Radio show is here to stay. It’s live on our internet station Biznews Radio, from 5pm to 6pm every Thursday evening. Hope you join us tonight.

Access is easy. Biznews Radio is hosted on a customised website you reach by clicking here. When you get to the site, click on the “play” button – and be sure to bookmark the address. Our station runs round the clock providing news updates, interviews and easy listening music. Apart from Thursday at 5pm, we’re growing the live offerings so please keep an eye out.

As for this evening’s show, the first half of the show features the man who blew the whistle on Tongaat, accountant and former Abil director David Woollam (5:05); The collapse of wild game prices with entrepreneur and farmer Bernard Swanepoel (5:15) And we round off Tongaat with a long-time critic of the company, hedge fund manager Chris Logan (5:25).

These three are followed up by our focus on investment markets with Allan Gray director Duncan Artus (5:40); And we close by better understanding the huge implications of the SA/Mozam natural gas story with Jon Lawrence, Sub Saharan Africa chief of international energy research consultancy Wood Mackenzie (5:50). Catch you later.

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