Hindsight to show Bafana’s historic victory was another recovery milestone

Despite cynics who will say differently, Bafana Bafana’s shock victory over Afcon hosts Egypt – Mo Salah and all – IS a very big deal. Indeed, hindsight may show it to have been another milestone in the national turnaround. One should never under-estimate the impact of sporting results on the national mood – and the markets it influences.

SA’s most astute property market analyst confirmed this over brunch yesterday when explaining why house buyers became significantly rarer in the past month – an already depressed mood further darkened by poor sporting results and political noise. But there is always a blow-off before the rebound. And Bafana have certainly lifted the spirit of an embattled nation.

Closer to home, I’m hosting our monthly investment webinar at lunchtime today (12:30 SA time). Attendance is usually restricted to Biznews Premium members, but as today’s event includes some rather important news concerning the two Biznews baskets offered through Easy Equities, the invitation is extended to the entire Biznews community.

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