Clegg, Rattray – special boys following in father’s footsteps

It was an eventful Rational Radio show last night where we honoured the memory of the late Johnny Clegg and linked the interviews with his most famous songs. Led, of course, by the haunting “Impi” which chronicles the Zulu nation’s greatest military triumph at Isandlwana.

The song has a special place in many hearts. Mine included. Born to a father fascinated by military history and growing up in the KZN Battlefields, I’ve visited Isandlwana many times. On every occasion, leaving that famous battleground with its eerie rock hillock just a little off balance.

I’ve got a feeling that if given the opportunity, among the first spirits Clegg would have reconnected with on the other side would be another of my home province’s “White Zulus”, passionate historian David Rattray. Like the famous musician, Rattray had a close connection with Isandlwana.

Rattray’s sons Douglas and Andrew continue their father’s work both at their Fugitive’s Drift hotel, and on foreign lecture tours. Just like the way 31 year old singer-songwriter Jesse is carrying on the Clegg family tradition. Long may they prosper.

*If you missed last night’s Rational Radio – you can catch the full show here.

Comment from Biznews community member Steuart Pennington:

Hi Alec

Always thought we should use “Impi” as our Springbok spectator rugby song with one or two changed lyrics. Might be more intimidating than the Haka!

Best, hope all is well.

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