A life hack that has sharpened my thinking – and will yours

While we were in London, a Saffer pal shared how he invested an hour every morning to journal: he would write, in longhand, about three relevant things which happened to him the day before. It was a wonderful gift. And has helped in so many ways, mostly through sharpening my thought processes.

After reading an article from the Harvard Business Review, I understand why this life hack isn’t a fluke. The esteemed publication starts from the expression of French philosopher Blaise Pascal who famously contended that humanity’s problems come from man’s inability to sit quietly alone in a room.

The HBR adds: “The best thinking comes from structured reflection – and the best way to do that is by keeping a personal journal.” Because science tells us replaying events in our brain is essential to learning, which itself comes from determining what was important – something that happens best in periods of quiet reflection.

Apart from which, it’s such a waste to let yesterday’s lessons pass without another thought. So if you’re keen to sharpen up, give journaling a try. I’ll bet pretty soon you’ll discover this time you spent alone with your thoughts and a pen in your hand will soon become the best hour of your day. It certainly is mine.

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