Huge new market has been quietly building on SA’s doorstep

After sweltering in Joburg over the weekend, I was forced to buy a windbreaker yesterday to fend off a chilly Cape Town. It’s been that kind of week already, starting in Durban for a keynote to the annual gathering of private school Bursars (financial managers) who were urged to look at a massive new market in SA’s back yard.

Instead of fretting about losing students to emigration, they were urged to consider how SA’s share of Sub-Saharan African GDP has fallen from 50% in 1994, to just 21% today. Such has been the economic resurgence beyond the Limpopo. A large and expanding market is on our doorstep – one far less competitive than Europe or the US.

While you’re mulling what that means for your own business, remember to sign up for Wednesday evening’s webinar. It will cover the Mini Budget delivered earlier that day by finance minister Tito Mboweni. This year’s is shaping up as one of the most interesting in ages, hence my visit in Cape Town over the next few days.

I’ll be in “lock-up” from early Wednesday morning so we can publish all the headlines when Tito starts to address Parliament. The news will be up just after 2pm tomorrow – with the webinar that evening allowing you to pick up the highlights from the comfort of your own home. Courtesy of BrightRock’s sponsorship, Wednesday evening’s Mini Budget webinar is free, but you must register beforehand – click here to do so.

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