Why the future belongs to Bitcoin – from my go-to tech guy

It’s good to be in Johannesburg right now – extreme weather is behind us, the traffic is tolerable and there’s time to reconnect with good friends. Like  yesterday’s visit to old pal Stafford Masie, a brilliant board member when I ran Moneyweb, and now six months into a new role as WeWork’s local GM.

We met at a transformed 155 West Street, the old Discovery building, which WeWork opened this week, its second project on the Highveld. Not surprisingly given turbulence of the past few months, WeWork execs are keeping well below the public radar. But in Stafford’s case, that suited me fine because not being able to talk shop allowed me to open the window on how he sees the future. .

An Israel-educated computer scientist, Stafford is my go-to guy on all things tech. As one-time PA to Eric Schmidt (both at Novell and then at Google) he occupied some of the hottest spots in Silicon Valley before coming home in 2006 to focus on open source software. With that pedigree, he was the obvious choice when Google decided to open an SA office shortly afterwards.

As Stafford tends to do, he used our couple hours together to give me a crash course on what he sees coming. This time it was mostly about Bitcoin on which he’s super bullish. So I’ll be pulling out my Clay Shirky and Don Tapscott books over the holiday. Because if my pal is even half right, properly understanding how Bitcoin will change the world will be time very well invested. Take the tip.

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