Sharma’s new book – the best R277 investment of my holiday 

Enjoyed a reading fest during the past couple weeks, getting my teeth into a few books that had been eyed for a while. Will share some thoughts on them in due course. The best of them was Robin Sharma’s latest, The 5am Club. It’s the perfect investment for those wanting to make personal changes for the better in 2020. Don’t we all?

As the title suggests, Sharma uses it to make the argument for early rising. His characters explain that a 4:45am start and other self-improvement habits become embedded after repeating for 66 days. I can vouch for this. Thanks to Sharma, getting up before dawn is now so hard-wired into my system that even on rare late nights it’s impossible for me to lie in.

My journey as a Sharma fan began six years ago when I sat in the front row watching this gifted Canadian hold the attention of a packed Sandton Convention centre for hours. Also, the interview we did in 2014 is still one of my favourites. So I had pretty lofty expectations for this particular book. It didn’t disappoint.

Light, fun and a little cheesy, it is deceptively easy to read while carrying a super powerful message. Some fabulous quotes, too, including one of my new favourites, from Michelangelo: “If you knew how much hard work went into it, you would not call it genius.” Unquestionably my best R277 investment of the holiday season.