Coronavirus, Tesla and webinar on 12J company delivering 21%pa return

In the latest Biznews Share Portfolio webinar two weeks ago, questions included a couple about the coronavirus and Tesla. Those queries were well-timed with both issues dominating news headlines this past week.

Saturday recorded 89 coronavirus deaths, the highest in a single day and taking total fatalities to 811 people. That makes the virus worse than 2003’s Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) which killed 774, mostly in Southern China and Hong Kong. For on the ground insights from cornavirusland, last week’s podcast with Durban schoolteachers Gary and Andy Cronje, now working in China, is worth a listen – click here.

As for Tesla, my suggestion in the webinar was for adventurous investors to buy the stock if they liked the story (and there’s much to like about SA-raised genius Elon Musk), but to be aware it will be a wild ride. Almost on cue, after ending January at $435, Tesla’s share price rocketed to $961 by Tuesday, then dropped below $700 on Wednesday before steadying to close the week at $750. No pausing for breath by this bucking bronco.

Compared with Tesla, the effective 21% annualised return projected by SA 12J company Bright Light Solar may appear pedestrian. But when viewed in a sober light, as all investments should be, it’s rather attractive. Make up your mind by joining us Wednesday at 7pm when its CEO Kevin Shames is the star attraction in the latest Biznews investment webinar. It’s open to all, but you need to register beforehand. Do so by clicking here.