Much maligned BRICs valuable to SA at the best possible time

Over the past few days I’ve taken a deep dive into understanding Covid-19, the virus which has emptied the streets of London and New York, smashed global asset prices, and although in its early stages is already the worst pandemic since an estimated 100m people were killed by Spanish Flu a hundred years ago.

This was primarily in preparation for our new daily podcast, Inside Covid-19, which launches today. We’re hoping it becomes a regular feature for you. The Biznews team has the local angles covered. Global partnerships with the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg ensures we can also get the best of international coverage.

I like the description in Episode One by NinetyOne’s CEO Hendrik du Toit who says investors should treat this like a world war has been declared. To expand that analogy, for me South Africa is close to the end of the “Phoney War” stage – the quiet eight month period between the Allies’ declaration of war against Germany and when the physical battle was joined.

From what we’ve seen elsewhere, because SA started late, the country still appears to be a fortnight away from experiencing the full force of this disease. Thus far President Cyril Ramaphosa has used this window to advantage. Helped, by his office being in daily contact with China’s top scientists, the world’s experts on Covid-19. BRICs is proving its value at the most opportune time.

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