Daily reminder to you of why 21-day lockdown must be done  

Things are slowly starting to return to normal in China, where Covid-19 emerged four months ago. Although still below half of normal traffic, our partners at the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that cars are returning to city roads and passengers are getting back onto the subway.

That it has taken China four months of near complete shutdown offers us a timeline for a South Africa where Government has acted early and firmly. In countries like the US, whose federal governance structure kicks against autocratic measures, scientists believe the battle will last considerably longer.

While most of the Covid-19 news flow has been about the northern hemisphere (where 88% of humanity lives) attention is starting to turn towards the potential for a humanitarian disaster on our continent. Another excellent contribution from the WSJ, calling for urgent and massive injections of aid, headlines our latest Inside Covid-19 podcast which you can listen to by clicking here.

Please do have a listen to the podcast – it’s a rational perspective of a crisis which promises to change much of how we live and work. This is the fifth of the daily episodes (in a binge-worthy series) and we’ll keep producing them until the virus is beaten. As we begin our 21-day lockdown, Inside Covid-19 will be a reminder of why it just has to be done.

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