Biznews podcast surge reflects old listening habits being broken

I rediscovered the joy of teaching yesterday when hosting a Google Hangout for our editorial team to work through some of the intricacies of Adobe Audition, the software we apply to polish our podcasts. Being able to share my screen made it like being in the same room with colleagues – and as their faces were visible, could see nobody dropped off (or texted).

Since January last year, we’ve been investing a lot of energy into our podcast offering, working through the tech, hosting partners and other teething issues. The growth has been excellent. But since lockdown, the take-up has been absolutely spectacular, with downloads more than doubling in the past month from already high levels. Our community is finding the time to break old listening habits.

Have seen friends turn into instant converts once they discover podcasts, most of them amazed at why it took them so long to switch to audio consumption on demand. Podcasts are like Netflix for voice, except with literally millions to choose from and all free. If you haven’t discovered them yet, click here for the Biznews Radio channel – or here for our focused Inside Covid-19 podcasts.

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