Map shows how world sees SA: Covid-19 lockdown is a huge failure

A depressing picture dropped into my inbox yesterday, highlighting the terrible mistakes the South African government has made in its Covid-19 containment strategy. The country is the only intense orange-red spot in Africa, with a Covid-19 case rate that puts it in the bottom-stream class with the United States and Brazil.

Unlike the US and Brazil, whose presidents have appeared indecisive on social distancing, mask-wearing and other measures touted to curb the spread of the virus, South Africa has maintained a very strict, and strange, lockdown policy.

The New York Times graphic could accompany any of the following pieces on BizNews:

And there are more BizNews articles and podcasts in a similar vein, which reflect the message in this distinctive map that SA’s tough lockdown hasn’t worked to protect us from contracting Covid-19.


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Community comments


It is a huge mistake to rely on the NY Times to interpret statistics.

They chose to hide the obvious: if you test more you detect more of the disease.

This is primary school logic, but the politically inclined media, for obvious reasons, don’t want to portray the facts.

UI believe that the disease follows a predictable pattern:

…………………………….Initially fairly exponential because of the lack of immunity, followed by a tail-off as herd immunity is reached.
The picture is therefore highly dependent on the start date of the entry of the disease into a country and country statistics are not directly comparable at a specific date unless their  “start dates” were identical. So Europe’s figures are now down compared to ours because they got over the hump earlier.
The US is consistently mischaracterised as a hotspot by most media, simply because they have the largest testing regime by far.  Fact has unfortunately become the victim of politics in that country.