Former Eskom employee Suzanne Daniels deserves a medal

Suzanne Daniels is a former Eskom employee who stepped forward to blow the whistle on some of the country’s most powerful and politically connected who raided the utility’s coffers in the Zuma era. As my colleague Bernice Maune reports, the former legal and compliance officer wasn’t tempted by the offer of R800m to help transform Eskom into a personal piggybank for Zuma and Gupta associates.

Instead, Daniels laughed off the overtures and went a step further by providing testimony to nail Malusi Gigaba, who has held several top roles, including minister of public enterprises and minister of finance. Instead of being treasured for patriotism and bravery, Daniels has been in a lonely place, finding that her principled stance cost employment and friends.

Meanwhile, Gigaba remains free to live his best life, although he is unable to shed the stench of corruption that has lingered around him for the best part of a decade. You can find out more about Suzanne Daniels and what she told the Zondo commission about Gigaba, here and here.

PS: On the topic of national stars, here are some fascinating conversations on BizNews Radio:

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