Meet the unsung hero working to fix Eskom for all of us

As many as 20,000 people a year are dying prematurely because of toxins spewing out of Eskom coal-powered stations. That’s the number of people, roughly, who have died from Covid-19 this year.

Holding the utility to account is energy analyst Chris Yelland, a former publisher. He investigated and exposed that Eskom employees were fabricating reports – and managers turning a blind eye – about levels of pollution to keep regulators happy.

Yelland’s findings have been used to develop a case against the culprits, who face criminal charges for breaking the air quality laws, he told us in a podcast this week. Eskom staff members are set to appear in court in January. Severe sanctions, including hefty fines and possibly criminal convictions, can be expected.

The energy expert says the Green Scorpions are starting to take a different approach – just as there is a change for the better in busting corruption in other areas of government and the private sector. As we like to say here at BizNews: Hope springs!

Hear Yelland share the details of the investigation and how he has engaged with Eskom: Listen to this fascinating conversation with one of SA’s unsung heroes working to fix the country for all of us.


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