Alec Hogg: Lucky number 8! You’re invited to BizNews’ special Birthday Bash

A deviation from the Daily Insider’s usual format, but hopefully you’ll forgive me.

First, it’s Happy Birthday to BizNews. Our journey began exactly eight years ago – 4 August 2013 – eight months after my well-documented departure from my earlier creation Moneyweb. Yes, eight is a lucky number….

True to form, we’ll be celebrating our birthday with something innovative – and risky – at noon today. There’s a special Birthday Bash to which you’re invited.

Innovative because we’re opening access to our virtual studio. Risky, as there’s no filtering of who’ll get pulled in from the Green Room (although I do have control of the mute button to keep it clean)

So, if you’ve got a comment, a question, want to share how BizNews impacted your life or just to express your support of the Rational Perspective, please head over at noon today to But before you do, please make sure your mic and camera are working so you can contribute fully when pulled into the conversation (and please arrive early).

If you’d rather follow our birthday bash from a distance, it will also be live from noon on BizNews TV on YouTube. Bookmark the link – there’s plenty to watch on our channel – not just today:

Second, and even more innovative, we’re partnering with some seriously smart people in AltVest – an ambitious project to democratise investing in SA. AltVest will offer access to investment opportunities that until now only get offered to the super rich. Technology means not only can all of us participate, but through the miracle of fractional investing, with hundreds of bucks instead of needing millions.

Last week I interviewed AltVest directors Warren Wheatley, Koshiek Karam and Rob Hersov. Here’s the link to the recording: As you’ll see and hear in the video, among the AltVest focus areas is early stage investment into potentially exponential growth companies.

Africa is often described as being 20 years behind today’s China. So who’s to say AltVest won’t be the vehicle which uncovers the continent’s equivalent of Facebook, Tencent, Google or Alibaba? If you’d like to be kept in the loop, fill in your details here:

See you later today at the Birthday Bash.

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