Alec Hogg’s Inbox: Concerns emerging over upcoming municipal elections

With the municipal elections on the horizon, we’re sure to get increased focus on the organization which is charged with ensuring they are free and fair. Some concerns are starting to emerge. Here’s an email from Jonathan Golding who wrote:

I would like to read an expert assessment of the state of the IEC.

Just how “independent” is it?

Who judges it?

How does an entity judge the quality of its own work (It is the IEC who pronounce on the free and fairness of elections!)

Should we trust them – I don’t!

Evelyn Herzfeld follows a similar line. She wrote:

Sometimes all this discourse gets me really mad.

But the worst part is this – is there any way all these wonderful suggestions to reduce unemployment, get the economy going, etc can be channelled to people who have some influence and authority to get these things implemented?

I, like so many others I’m sure, know that there are the most wonderful plans that have been drawn up, but nothing is actioned.

How do we, the citizens and taxpayers of this wonderful country, get our government to work with us, and not against the country.

There has to be a way!

While we’re on that subject, here’s a reminder of why so many South African teachers and nurses are warmly welcomed into the Rich North (and Aus and NZ). Norah Wingreen wrote:

Just to add that we know the Teacher’s Training Colleges produced the finest teachers, as did the Nursing Colleges produce the best nurses. Where are they? The practical teaching and clinical training missing today.

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