Alec Hogg’s Inbox: ANC doubling down on its approach to BEE legislation

Eleonor Smith’s recent email is even more relevant now that SA’s governing party is doubling down on its approach to BEE legislation. She wrote:

I liked Barry Pringle’s idea that government could create an incentive scheme to encourage skilled emigrants to return to SA. I would also suggest that there’s a wealth of untapped skills and knowledge right here, within our retired community. Government could provide an incentive for active, suitably qualified seniors to help up-skill employees on a part-time basis. I’m sure many retired or retrenched seniors would welcome an opportunity to be useful whilst earning a little extra to supplement the ever-dwindling value of their pensions.

There were many responses to Friday’s newsletter where community member Peter Hill pointed us towards the video link of a Canadian ethics prof who has been fired for refusing the vaccine. Melt van der Spuy, a South African in the service of the Big Boss above, who is now based in that cold country, sent this note:

The video you posted has gone viral in Canada…it’s not stopping PM Justin Trudeau’s relentless pursuit to legislate a two-tier society. The fact that ordinary ‘sweet liberal Canadians’ are screaming support of his government’s crazy mandates is ominous and what I have predicted will be the outcome of this past 18 months: an ethical chaos of epic proportions that is going to divide humanity.

Is it by design? Who knows…I’ve never been that interested in debating the speculative theories behind the possible origin of the virus and possible motive for the global vaccine rollout. I’ve always felt we needed (from inception) to thoughtfully and interactively wrestle with the medical/scientific and humanitarian ethical implications of this thing.

Unfortunately most people don’t really care about ethics despite what history has taught us. The media drive to force us into camps appears to have succeeded. The blame and shame game is all one hears. I refuse to choose sides but if I am forced to, I will stand with the lepers. The one I follow does…

And let’s end with some wise words on the mandatory vaccine debate from regular correspondents Norah Wingreen and Sally Brown. Starting with Norah who wrote:

Vaccination to prevent serious consequences from Covid viruses should be a choice, not a force. Education about advantages should be promoted.

Sally, who says everyone at the guest house she runs has been voluntarily vaccinated, offered some equally sensible insights. She wrote:

Regarding the efforts to make vaccinations compulsory – what on earth for???

It is widely acknowledged and confirmed that people with both vaccinations can still contract Covid! So no different to unvaccinated people.

Both categories are able to “shed” the virus, but you have to have the disease in the first place, in order to shed it. If you are not sick you can’t shed it.

The claim is that the vaccinated will get a less serious case of Covid, but right from the beginning,  global statistics show that 98% of those who contract Covid recover from it, mostly without problems, mostly at home, and some do not even know they have had it. How serious is that?

The vulnerable groups are those that should be sheltered, protected and vaccinated where advisable, not the healthy. Those working in environments where they come into contact with many people of unknown origin should be encouraged to consider this as a sensible precaution.

Evidence is growing that the antibody protection obtained from recovering from a case of covid are stronger and last longer than antibodies artificially injected.

I am disgusted with the self-righteous attitude of some who try to put down the unvaccinated, when they are just as likely to be carrying the virus.

Noah was the first Conspiracy Theorist in history, until it started to rain. Think about that.

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