Stuart Lowman’s Inbox: Piet Mouton’s open letter to South Africans touches a nerve

PSG CEO Piet Mouton’s open letter to South Africans touched a nerve with community member Sarah. She questions whether he has the right to recommend any medical treatment:

Mr Mouton is a scared and fearful man. Either that or he’s simply another tyrant who likes to socially engineer.

He has no right to recommend any medical treatment, let alone an experimental one. He is not a doctor. He has no right to dictate to others what our lives should or should not be. He trots out the usual tropes about pollution, yada, yada, yada as though that is the reason why we should all be subjected to medical discrimination.

I won’t swear but the strong sentiments of the reader who said ‘go forth and multiply’ in response to the proposed medical discrimination cannot be overstated.

Economic risk consultant Rob Jeffery, who has written on previously, adds his voice to the letter posted by An Appreciative Subscriber, pointing to failed leadership.

This one really hit a core and I appreciated and valued it. I have circulated it amongst many of my contacts.

It would appear that the world is entering a dictatorial stage. Possibly it is due to the power of mass media. It can be used to spread fear and easily change behaviour. Unfortunately we have entered a phase of consensus science which of course is not science. People are forgetting Einstein’s words where one only needs one example which disproves a hypothesis for the hypothesis to be proven wrong. This does not suit many people with strongly held beliefs nor does it suit politicians, many of whom have a dictatorial bent. Facts and the truth are not properly investigated and followed up. They are no longer leaders; they are what could be termed consensus politicians.

Many countries are in this stage and unfortunately it is true of the former leader of the Western World, the USA. The Democratic Party has moved in a socialistic, almost communistic direction and it is no longer a party which values individual freedom. It is becoming dictatorial. Its leader Joe Biden espouses these values. He can now be described as a dictatorial consensus politician not a leader. His statements regarding compulsory vaccination against COVID are a prime example of this attitude that is now prevailing. There are many other examples of this attitude which are damaging the world we live in.

And in a further response to the contribution from An Appreciative Subscriber, community member Peter Corr:

I have always enjoyed reading your column, especially from An Appreciative Reader. Our family lost both our young beautiful sons aged 31 years old this year to COVID leaving behind a young family with no father. In the world of modern technology of FaceTime and WhatsApp we watched and communicated with both of them as they struggled to breathe in hospital until they were on ventilators. No parent should ever have to experience this. If the vaccines were available for their age group they would still be with us. As Tony Fauci says, getting your family vaccinated is the greatest gift of love you can give them. As a physician I appreciate everybody’s right to choose to be vaccinated or not but simple measures of social distancing and wearing a mask indoors can be life saving. So please readers do not let this terrible disease destroy your family’s lives and just get vaccinated.

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