Stuart Lowman’s Inbox: South Africa needs a “Covid Freedom Day” asap

The United Kingdom celebrated Covid Freedom Day on the 19th of July 2021. And while some restrictions are in place like traffic light travel systems, when one watches the crowds at football matches, life has returned to some sort of ‘normality’. Community member Denver Furmage suggested South Africa do the same, Helene Vermeulen has added her voice to this point:

Thank you Denver Furmage for saying what so many of us are feeling. My family and friends have had a lot of discussions about the subject and we agree that we really need a “Freedom Day” asap. We are all aware of what Covid is and what it has meant to us and that the Government has made rules and regulations that in my opinion were sometimes quite without proper thought and advice.

The present situation cannot go on forever and it is a wonderful idea for the President to announce a date where we can go back to some sense of normality. It would be such a change to have more normal conversations instead of Covid discussions every day on every publication there is.

There are so many people that are now suffering from depression and need something positive to look forward to.

Alec, you and your group of clever associates could maybe also think about this and help Mr Ramaphosa to think forward given enough time as Denver suggested. We would all appreciate it most sincerely.

I sometimes get asked what quality one needs to play the role I do. I always start with a thick skin because the messenger is continually shot for the message. Community member David Bawden adds his voice to mandatory vaccinations:

That you as a top business journalist can trot out the shaky old seat belts and hard hats safety argument to reinforce the VACCINES blackmail and bullying Diktat by certain firms in this country is amazing to me. Surely the simple logic that you cannot UNDO a coerced vaccination coursing through your bloodstream but you can hand back your hard hat at the gate should be glaringly obvious?

Even more so when these experimental mRNA vaccines have yet to be fully clinically tested and worse yet their suppliers are even today NOT liable for legal action in the event of health injuries brought on by these mRNA vaccinations. Hasn’t anyone in those large buildings in Sandton asked just why that should be Stuart?

May I advise you to take a look at the vaccination stats from Israel where the population is almost universally vaccinated, those stats will make the arguments against coerced vaccinations that much stronger and rightly so.

Lastly, to make bad matters worse, mRNA vaccinations neither prevent virus transmission nor do they protect against virus infection. So why carry on with this enforcement regime … The beatings will continue until morale improves tactics by the Executives and HR managers?

Those members of staff standing their anti-mRNA vaccinations ground are quite right to be deeply wary of these untried medications, they are not a Polio vaccination that has been tried and tested and they are CERTAINLY not a hard hat safety measure, that’s for sure.

And finally BizNews community member Keith Renecle adds to the debate on the origin of Covid and where to from here:

Thanks for your regular objective newsletters, especially on the Covid issue. German Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and his team called the Corona Investigative Committee, have now completed their investigation into how and why the Covid-19 issue got started and also where it is all leading to. Reiner was the high powered lawyer who took down VW in the USA after the diesel car’s pollution issue. He also took down Deutsche Bank over corruption, so he’s no fool. If you’re interested, you can watch his summary here:

You may also want to pass this link on to Andre van Rooyen. To understand the history of the guys that have tried this all before, will explain what’s really going on and why this is most likely the worst case of mass global totalitarianism in human history.

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