The Daily Insider: Mauritius is aggressively fishing our waters for immigrants

Despite his “Dr Doom” moniker, Magnus Heystek is actually rather jovial. He loves to lighten conversations with a smattering of humour, a useful tool for those whose stock in trade is financial services.

Big Mag was in top form during our weekly catchup yesterday. Primarily because he’s back in Mauritius for the first time in two years. The island, he says, is teeming with South Africans – many of them drawn there by a government that’s aggressively fishing our waters for immigrants.

Heystek told me Mauritius has set a target of attracting 30 000 South Africans – and is especially keen on retirees and entrepreneurs. Its government will soon be dispatching a delegation of top officials to SA to directly promote the island. They may find a receptive audience given their appealing cocktail of safety, sun, surf and a 15% tax rate.

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