The Daily Insider: A huge achievement for a Saffer who came home. Take a bow Louise.

In yesterday’s newsletter featuring Benjamin Zander’s Rule #6, I omitted the reason for being at Thornybush in the first place. An email from my pal from Nottingham Road, Steuart Pennington of SA – The Good News served as a good reminder.

The bush adventure was arranged by Dr Louise van Rhyn, recently returned from abroad, to introduce us to her creation, Partners for Possibility (PfP). A decade and a half later, PfP is integrated into more than 1,500 schools – quite an achievement for the Saffer who came home.

Pennington shared that he part of PfP in the KZN Midlands, which is “deeply involved” in 16 schools and about to add another eight. A reminder that one determined person with a good plan and perseverance is able to make a huge difference in SA. Take another bow Louise. (and Steuart)…

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