The Daily Insider: Low voter turnout in 2021 Local Elections disappointing

Was disappointed to read the early reports that there was a low voter turnout in yesterday’s 2021 Local Elections. It certainly wasn’t so in our area. The early queue was so long we decided to come back in the early afternoon. A good call. Second time around, we were in and out in a few minutes.

If voters can’t get worked up after everything we’ve witnessed from our political governors, you have to wonder why. No doubt instant pundits will let us know as the week progresses. But for me, it’s deceptively simple.

Most South Africans treat politics like soccer: no matter how badly your team plays, you don’t switch to the opposition. You might stop going to games (ie not voting) but that’s as far as it goes.

So the nation gets the government it deserves. You have to wonder when True Democracy will actually land in SA.

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