Eskom’s André de Ruyter seeks protection following threats over load shedding

Eskom’s André de Ruyter has had to hire bodyguards following threats against the CEO on social media. This is according to MyBroadband, which reports that in response to one of the threats, the chief executive has opened a criminal case against Vusi Khoza, the EFFs KwaZulu-Natal leader. Khoza allegedly encouraged people to hunt the ‘useless fools’ at Eskom” and cause them physical harm. This isn’t Khoza’s first brush with the law. Previously, Khoza was handed a three-year suspended sentence for conspiracy to commit assault and public violence. As MyBroadband reports, this followed after his involvement in what was believed to be a xenophobic attack in Durban, in late 2009. André de Ruyter has received backlash for his performance at Eskom, with Enoch Godongwana and Gwede Mantashe criticising his performance as leader of the SOE. Read the original article, Eskom CEO hired bodyguards after threats to “moer” him, here. – Jarryd Neves

Eskom CEO hired bodyguards after threats to “moer” him

By MyBroadband

Eskom CEO André de Ruyter has told Sunday newspaper Rapport he had to hire bodyguards following numerous threats on social media over load-shedding.

In response to one of the threats, De Ruyter opened a criminal case of intimidation against EFF Kwa-Zulu Natal leader Vusi Khoza after he encouraged people to hunt the “useless fools” at Eskom and “moer” and “bliksem” them.

“This thing of load-shedding and Eskom will only stop when we stand up,” he stated.

“Find out where they [Eskom employees] stay, their physical address, drag them into the streets and bliksem them,” Khoza continued.

“If that’s instigation, then so be it,” he added.

The Durban High Court served papers to Khoza, ordering that he be interdicted from engaging in several acts against Eskom and De Ruyter.

That included harassment, assault, threats, inciting violence, coming to a staff member’s private home, or acting in any manner that would constitute an infringement of their personal liberty.

In addition, Khoza was interdicted from making any threatening or intimidating gestures on all social media platforms, specifically his individual Twitter pages.

He also had to issue a public statement on Twitter that states he does not condone any of the acts above against Eskom or De Ruyter.

Khoza was previously given a three-year suspended sentence for public violence and conspiracy to commit assault.

That was after his involvement in what was believed to be a xenophobic attack on foreigners in Albert Park, Durban, in December 2009.

De Ruyter has also come under attack from finance minister Enoch Godongwana and energy minister Gwede Mantashe over his performance at the helm of Eskom.

According to data from the CSIR, load-shedding has been at its worst yet under De Ruyter.

Eskom has previously blamed the performance issues on the lack of maintenance at its power stations in the years’ preceding De Ruyter’s involvement at the company.

More recently, however, De Ruyter has spoken out and provided evidence of what he said are acts of sabotage that might also involve Eskom’s employees.

De Ruyter has claimed there was fierce resistance against his team’s efforts to clean up the utility from networks of previous corrupt benefactors within the company.

While operational performance has slumped at Eskom during his tenure, De Ruyter is the first CEO in many years who managed to bring down the utility’s debt.

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