The Daily Insider: It’s not the end of Expropriation without Compensation

We’re an extraordinary bunch we Seffricans. We might grumble and argue endlessly. But when it really matters, we always seem to do the right thing.

It happened again yesterday when 26 ANC members broke ranks by voting against a potentially economically debilitating amendment to Section 25 of the Constitution. These independent thinkers ensured the party’s proposal fell 33 votes short of the two thirds majority required.

It’s not the end of the battle against proposed laws aimed at enabling the state to confiscate private property on a governmental whim. The Expropriation Without Compensation (EWC) agenda lives on, and pundits expect the Expropriation Bill to be tabled next year. But at least, for now, sanity prevails. Even in SA’s Parliament.

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