Daily Insider: Warren Buffett teaches us, when you’re on a winning horse, stay aboard.

Some BizNews Share portfolio followers were surprised when we upgraded Netflix to one of three “banker” stocks (alongside Apple and Microsoft) in the new $10,000 BizNews Shyft portfolio. There’s a bit of sentiment: in the original portfolio, Netflix shares have more than doubled from our $263 entry point in September 2019. As Warren Buffett teaches us, when you’re on a winning horse, stay aboard.
During those two and a bit years of watching it closely, it has become apparent Netflix is perfectly positioned for the new world. In Reed Hastings, the company has a visionary founder/CEO in the Steve Jobs mould. And with the courage to continuously evolve its model, Netflix keeps winning in markets others have missed. The next big one is sport.
Netflix has cottoned onto the reality that top level sport is as compelling and unpredictable as any fictional series. So instead of simply buying live TV rights, Hastings has packaged sport as a real life soap opera. Starting with the “Drive To Survive” series on motor racing, The latest, Season 3, has become the most watched television series worldwide.
With Formula One spectacularly proving Netflix’s innovative approach, expect the company to use the template elsewhere – golf, soccer and a host of other sports await. Proving again to investors that in our new information age, human ingenuity deserves the rich premium it enjoys.
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