Daily Insider: Apple – 45 years of attention to detail

My seven year old home-based iMac with the cracked screen was finally retired yesterday. Replaced by a new, blue, 24-inch M1-chip-driven beauty. The ultimate “To Dad, from Dad” Christmas present. 

While unpacking my new friend, it occurred that certain things the late Steve Jobs decreed remain deeply embedded into Apple’s culture a decade after his passing. My iMac’s packaging was closer to art than utility. Attention paid to every little detail, even though the wrappings would only be used once.

When Jobs was encouraging the team designing the company’s breakthrough product, the original Macintosh, he insisted that even the internal casing – which only techies would ever see – be designed as though it were always on public display. The genius lived his belief that true quality is never skin deep. 

Perhaps that’s why I’ve been an Apple devotee for almost three decades, with the intention of remaining one for at least another three. Little wonder Apple Inc is a cornerstone holding in the BizNews Share portfolios.

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