The Daily Insider: Zimbabwean man of the cloth splurges at a Pretoria nightclub

Michael Appel, the well-known news broadcaster who joined Team BizNews this month, had great fun yesterday putting together a jigsaw puzzle around Saturday night’s R1.4m party for 80 people at a Pretoria nightclub. As videos of the occasion showed us, one way to run up a R17 500pp tab is to spray Dom Perignon like you’ve just won a Grand Prix.

While discretion was the word for owners of the fortunate establishment and, indeed, the waitress who was tipped R125k, there was no attempt by the splurger to hide his identity. The man in question is a Zimbabwean man of the cloth, well kind of, and is supposedly close to Robert Mugabe’s successor as president, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The more things change……

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