Daily Insider: Timing is secret to successful life. With investing it’s just time.

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Timing is the secret to a successful life. With investing it’s just time…..

Here’s the recording of the most recent investment webinar. June’s will be held at noon tomorrow for BizNews Premium members.   

The wise ones tell us timing is one of two secrets to a successful lives (balance the other).

Based on the returns, timing of our initial BizNews share portfolio launch (Dec 2014) was amazing, but poor on the second (Dec 2021). That, however, was never the purpose. Trying to time share markets is a fool’s errand. To participate, bank on being invested for at least five years. 

The purpose of these portfolios is to offer a ‘model’ to help BizNews Premium subscribers select companies to co-own. The monthly webinars provide them with progress reports. Thousands of our tribe have used this service to good effect. And I’ve had great fun offering it.  

June’s portfolio update is at noon tomorrow. There will be some changes in the holdings, including the addition of two JSE-listed stocks I’ve literally been watching for years. Please join me. If you haven’t joined Premium yet, click here to see what else you’ll get for R120 a month.  

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LISTEN: This week my contributions include what a bear market means while Mike’s range from Zondo to Cyril’s sofa.
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