Daily Insider: Preparing for a post-ANC South Africa should be topping opposition

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Preparing for SA post-ANC should already be topping Opposition agendas

Could it be that the smart money is beginning to look at South Africa as a post-2024 turnaround investment? In the same way they piled into SA assets in the runup to and immediately after the dawning of democracy in 1994?

It’s still at least 18 months before we get the chance to follow Prof Jonathan Jansen’s advice and “vote these buggers out of power”. But stock markets look 18 months into the future. So those who drive share price movements – and have an interest in a post-ANC South Africa – are sure to be placing their bets in the near future.

There’s certainly no shortage of potential supporters. Over the weekend, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson re-iterated his love of the country in a LinkedIn post promoting “8 adventurous reasons to visit Cape Town”. It generated over 500 comments, 200 shares and almost 15 000 direct reactions. The vast majority positive.

SA has a deep reservoir of goodwill around the world. And there are millions of skilled expats who’d love to come home to contribute, but need compelling reasons to do so. Delivering these should be topping the agenda of the coalition of political parties that is set to take over from the corrupt, incompetent bunch who have misruled the nation for 28 long years. Roll on 2024.

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