Daily Insider: Our sunrise BBB now on video – classic disruption with a dollop of effort

NEW TODAY – If you’be been struggling to access the BizNews Breakfast Briefing via Spotify or iTunes, try out brand new video version with Lucy, graphics and comment – on BizNews TV on YouTube. Click here). 

Orclick here for the BBB audio-only podcastMore good news on US inflation; MTN shares rocket on interims but it gets another suitor for Telkom; Peche exposes big fees at Big Three unit trusts; A boost for Biden. 


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Sunrise BBB is now on video – freshest news every morning

When Lucy Ferreira rejoined BizNews a few months ago, we knew she’d shake things up. For me, it felt like winning the lottery to have her become my executive producer. In a long career, it’s the closest I’ve come to working with a real life MacKenzie McHale. Kid you not. 

Apart from everything else she gets up to, Lucy has been a driving force behind the BizNews Breakfast Briefing, our tribe’s early morning injection of news worth knowing. Yesterday she upped the BBB game by recording the first video version. Click here to watch the debut.

It’s very much work in progress. Production was much slower than we’d like, so it only hit the BizNews channel on YouTube after 9am. But we’ll get slicker. The visual content will also be refined. Of that you can be certain.

Because this is what disruptive innovation is all about. It’s how to avoid analysis paralysis by kicking off as soon as you humanly possible. SA’s only world entrepreneur of the year, the late Bill Lynch told me his best advice was ‘to just do it’. So we have. Look forward to hearing from you about how we can improve.


BizNews Conference – August 30 to Sept 3

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Jaltech Cryptocurrency Webinar Part 2 – Market Update and Adoption Trends

Join Alec Hogg next week Tuesday at 12h00 for the Jaltech webinar where he is joined by Jaltech’s team of cryptocurrency experts. The webinar is open to all, but you do need to register beforehand – click here to sign up. 

WATCH: In this powerful expose’ of a R320bn ripoff, straight-shooting financial insider Sean Peche says despite massive underperformance, SA’s Big Three Balanced Fund unit trusts are harvesting billions every year from clients via management and ‘performance’ fees. The mushrooming of these funds into R100bn giants, is driven by marketing and profits, and has nothing to do with returns to savers – which have been pathetic. The fiercely independent founder of UK-based Ranmore Funds says it’s high time SA’s savers accepted their best protection against market volatility is not through abdicating to a guaranteed loser like these big Balance Funds – but by taking responsibility, adopting a long-term approach and keeping a close eye on costs. Peche, who is based in London, will be delivering a keynote address at the 4th BizNews Conference to be held at Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensberg at the end of August.

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