South Africans have spoken: “Wokeism – The opposite of creativity”

A former pupil at one of South Africa’s well-known private schools, St Stithians in Bryanston, argues that by introducing a sweeping raft of policies on race, gender and sexuality, leaders there have driven roughshod over their contractual obligations to parents and pupils. He believes racial and sexual tensions among primary school kids have been inspired by radical and indefensible ideologies, endangering children and undermining the foundations of an otherwise valuable institution. And parents might like to know how much all this is costing them. Racial sensitivity workshops and gender consultants cost money, and legal fees abound for disciplinary proceedings. Anyone plugged into the private school network knows of dozens of disputes, with racial allegations predominating. Ian Macleod says if he was handing over R150,000-plus every year, he’d like to know the cost of it all. – Sandra Laurence

The red flags of diversity and transformation at St Stithians College

Ian Macleod believes that racial and sexual tensions among primary school kids have been worsened by radical gender and transformation ideologies. The overwhelming response from the BizNews community seems to second this notion.

Grant Mc Ewan said; “None of this should be allowed at schools and brings a lot of confusion to kids. But also the religion in schools is a red herring who right who’s wrong causes enormous issues. The same goes for countries and politics freedom of religion must be allowed but must not influence laws in anyway.”

Andrew Pienaar said; “Seems the right time for alternative education institutions to open their doors – go woke go broke is the way these things end. I will immediately pull my children out of any place that imposes this woke crap – simply as that, I think most parents would agree – time to walk the talk people and put a stop to the BS before it gets going”

Robbie Branch said; “Foisting woke crap on the pupils after needlessly gagging them in class for 27 months. Physically softened them up for this psychological abuse of twisting, race, gender and sexuality. Degenerate.”

Noshitsherlock said; “Unreasoned, unproven and unwarranted decisions affecting the lives of young people, with the intent to direct their opinions in a particular direction, are always dangerous. When they are at odds with the life philosophy of the core family unit they are unwise, perilous and should be illegal. Shame on St Stithians, your management should know better?”

Herman Hanson said; “Well done on taking up the cudgels against this destructive McCarthyism. It is quite widespread amongst “privileged” schools where the “whistleblowers” are either aligned to a political party or standard bearers for “wokeness”. Broad I know but maybe what needs attention is why these minority groupings are entertained by school management.”

A Call for Honesty said; “I have been following an Australian lawyer who is fighting these matters. He tells of people coming to him with their tragic stories of being pressured into physical mutilation in the name of progressive medicine and ideology. Bullying among kids is to be expected and needs to be firmly dealt with, but this is bullying by adults of children to become like them and is among the worst forms of child abuse.”

Let kids be kids

There is a consensus in the BizNews community that primary school children are too young to understand their orientation or gender, and gender issues should only be dealt with once kids have matured.

Rita Du Plessis said; “The saddest part is that children are influenced by their parents, teachers and elders and cannot possibly understand sexuality until such time they have reached puberty or are mature enough to make their own decisions!!!! This is child abuse!! The racist issues brought by spoilt rich kids, knowing blatantly well that at a whim they can use it as an easy weapon against any person they have an issue with is running rife in privileged private schools and needs to be stopped in its tracks. The last thing it requires is giving it any relevance! If we are going to teach equality then practise it, stop patronising these little upstarts! I guarantee you it will stop when they know they will not get away with it!”

Jean Mary Gray said; “The issue here is not people’s actual sexual orientation, it is the making an issue out of it, encouraging kids too young too understand to ‘explore’ their orientation or ‘gender’. To label people as what they are or maybe, before the fact that each person is unique. It is having expensive re programming, counselling and transformation classes. It is the racialisation of things and the over political correctness of things. It is the pressure these young kids are being put under before they are ready. Nobody is saying that there should not be acceptance for different viewpoints, there have always been differences and now we are going from turning them into outcasts to being something that is too emphasised. They should just be people first. Those who just need to be children should not be forced or foisted into decisions way over most of their heads. And certainly not without parents’ consent.”

Mandy44  said; “What is most concerning is that these kids (all kids) are being trained for jobs that are fast being automated. Educators (and I include all parents in this) should be much more concerned about preparing a future for children with so many unknowns. I am not seeing much noise about this disruption, schools seem to carry training kids to become doctors and accountants and filling so many, many other current jobs that simply will not exist. Schools focus on nonsense, hoping that no one is noticing how difficult it is going to be for tomorrow’s adults to make a living and struggle to maintain the sort of lifestyle they grew up with. We have more important things to be concerned about, we need to concentrate on the futures of ALL the children, not the 1% to 2% who will, in all probability have difficult lives because of their chosen (or not chosen) path.”

“Fight for the inclusion of the marginalised in this world.”

Among the majority of our audience rejecting wokeism, there were a few audience members praising St Stithians for being inclusive.

Robert Rutherford said; “I would imagine that these Saints policies are driven by the exact thinking behind, or at least closely related to, critical race theory and intersectionality. Because these are both theories that shed light on how systems play a part in marginalising and devaluing certain social groups before others, and how this can be addressed to create a more just society. That’s what this is really about: trying to make space for people. You seem to see this as being at the expense of your Saints status quo, and you’re opposed to it. If they keep any ‘secrets’ from you, it’s because they know you and people like you will wail about them being ‘woke’.”

What are your thoughts on Ian Macleod’s take on Diversity and transformation at St Stithians College? Share your views below.

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