Daily Insider: ANC’s Knysna rule starts with R3m pa newly created cadre jobs.

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Knysna is one of the most beautiful towns in South Africa. Nestled between a magnificent lagoon and world-famous forests, it possesses the natural asset which is a magnet for tourists – an outlier even within a country known globally for its spectacular geography. But the locals are doing their best to snatch disaster from its obvious opportunity.

An email yesterday from Levael Davis, the DA’s caucus leader in the municipality, reported the first item on the ANC’s agenda after taking over governance is adding six “pointless” posts at a cost to ratepayers of R3m a year. The DA’s ruling coalition with the Patriotic Alliance collapsed last month after direct instructions from PA leader Gayton McKenzie.

The ANC took over the municipality with support from local party, Plaaslike Besorgde Inwoners, and the EFF – despite leader Julius Malema’s supposed hatred of his former colleagues. How “pointless” are the newly created posts for cadres? Considering the vainglorious and remembering this is a small town, the answer is obvious.

Executive mayor Aubrey Tsengwa (ANC) has a freshly appointed Chief of Staff and a Public Relations Officer. New deputy executive mayor Alberto Marbi (PBI) is rewarded by his coalition partner with three newly created employees – a Political Advisor (seriously), a Head of Office (huh?) and a Personal Assistant. Speaker Mncedisi Skosana (ANC) closes out the gravy train with a newly created Head of Office. And Knysna voted for this? Eisch.

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