Daily Insider: Of three early lessons from my boss avoid Crusading served best

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As a relatively young journalist whom circumstances threw into a very senior position, my boss pulled me aside with three instructions I’ve never forgotten. First, keep my side of the business clean so he has one less thing to worry about. Second, take decisions independently, but really think about them first – that way, if it’s wrong, something was learned.

Third never, but never, embark on any Journalistic Crusades. The advice served me well at that time – and in the decades since. Mostly the third one, which has become BizNews’s obvious differentiator and, for me, the biggest single reason for our high engagement. It attracted a tribe who align with the mission of airing all sides of any story. This support has expanded into their unprecedented interaction with the brand.

We encourage such feedback by regularly publishing “Community Speaks…” pieces summarising our community’s perspectives. Recently we’ve been receiving considered contributions for publication. Which we gladly so, not just because these submissions deserve the widest possible audience, but as our living reminder to never underestimate the intelligence of the community we serve.

Two were on the site’s home page yesterday: Manie Marais applied the facts to take me on over my endorsement of John Biccard’s investment prowess (click here). And Don Clarke used history to offer advice to SA’s opposition politicians (click here). We’re a platform for diverse views. So send your own thought-provoking contribution to [email protected].

From cleaner to KasiPreneur. Meet inspirational Mbali Kubekha whose dreams become reality.
This month’s focused KasiPreneur is a former midnight shift cleaner at Woolworths who tossed in her job six years ago to start a KasiKos business that today employs 18 other people with sales of R165,000 a week. Mbali Kubeka personifies the belief of first dreaming it and then seeing the reality. Apart from seven outlets selling thousands of Chicken Dust and Kotas, she has a booming order-in business via Whatsapp and Facebook. Ms Mbali Kubekha was joined in studio with informal market consultant and author GG Alcock.

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