Herman Mashaba: Published polls are a joke – ActionSA will be #1 or #2 in 2024, helped by thousands of newly registered voters

The founder and leader of Action SA is confident his party will benefit hugely from a silent revolution among ‘gatvol’ South Africans who had previously never bothered to become registered voters. Herman Mashaba says his party’s army of volunteers is helping thousands of previously apathetic citizens sign up – a factor he says is ignored in recent polls which rates the party’s national support in low single digits. As evidence, he cites the 10% ActionSA polled in a recent by-election in rural Limpopo despite only entering the contest two months before the vote. The successful entrepreneur turned politician says the party has spread nationwide by drawing on the distribution strategy used to build his hugely successful BlackLikeMe business. He spoke to Alec Hogg of BizNews.

Find timestamps for the interview below:

  • Herman Mashaba on his morning tweets to the nation with a verse from the scriptures – 01:05
  • On communism and religion within politics – 02:25
  • On coalition partners flirting with the idea of jumping into bed with the ANC – 06:00
  • On being adamant that Action SA is not going to go into a coalition with the ANC – 12:00
  • On the polls that are showing ActionSA to have a very small number – 12:30
  • On the non-voting population of South Africa -15:30
  • On his relationship with Mmusi Maimane – 18:15
  • On the distribution of election votes – 19:40

Some extracts from the interview:

Herman Mashaba on his morning tweets to the nation with a verse from the scriptures 

I’ve been doing this for the last two, two and a half years, every single morning without fail. Why I’m doing this is because of what these communists brought into this country, this evil that you’re seeing, is because this current government took God out of our communities. That’s why we see the level of evil that’s happening where our people have lost consciousness. A nation that can live without having values – not having consciousness – that nation is bound to fail. That’s a reason why – this current government with their communist tendencies – communism does not believe in God. I’m saying to South Africa, we forget it. There’s no way we’re going to make it as a society if we take God out of our lives, out of our spirits. 

On communism and religion within politics 

We were fooled by these communists because they hate God. Do you know why they hate God? So that they can manipulate us. They want to break down our families, our societies, so that you don’t have to have morals. This is the plan of the communists. If you look at communists all over the world, that’s how they operate because when society does not fear God, they fear guns, then that society’s dead. For me, I’m a Christian and I want to live alongside my Hindu friends, my Jewish friends, my Islamic friends and so forth. We coexist. I also want to coexist with those who don’t believe in God, but I don’t want them to impose it on me. That’s something I want to really make clear because it doesn’t mean that I’m imposing my religious convictions on other people. That is why one of the things I can share with you, come 2024, when we remove this evil government. When I started school in 1966, every morning before we go to class, we go to assembly and we have a prayer for God to give us blessings. That’s why we survived and we are not seeing the kind of evil that is allowed to really happen. The ANC government is determined to destroy our families. Show me any ethical leaders in the ANC that are actually committed to doing the right things? Because they don’t have God in them. They know God will prevent them from doing the wrong things. Whereas in my life, and I don’t apologize to anyone, but for me, every morning I wake up, every night I go to bed and I always ask for God’s blessing. I’ll coexist with others. But I’m not going to be controlled by Communists to tell me that we must take God out of politics, because as human beings we are a creation of God. 

On coalition partners flirting with the idea of jumping into bed with the ANC

I’m aware that South Africa is facing a coalition, whether we like it or not – ANC is history in this country. So a coalition – it’s a given. There’s no doubt about that. If you look at what has been happening in the last year or two, including up to yesterday, I see more and more DA people coming out, being prepared to work with this devil. I’m saying to myself, “my goodness.” Just imagine, Alec, for you as a white God-created South African. Now, if you are a DA voter, you can imagine you’re going to your party and you vote for them. They go into a coalition with the ANC. The ANC that is actually pushing discriminatory laws. So basically you will be voting for the ANC to discriminate against you for how God created you. Because you are not a mistake – God created you in this image. Now, you can imagine if I’m asking the DA: How are you guys going to deal with this? How are you going to deal with these draconian labor laws and COSATU that is determined to destroy jobs and destroy small businesses? How are you going to deal with the South African Communist Party that hates anything to do with civil liberties? How are you going to deal with the international position of the ANC where they are prepared to deal with nations that don’t respect human rights? So I’m saying to them – can you guys come to your senses. For you to really make this pronouncement makes it really very difficult because we are, as ActionSA, reliant on you to be in coalition with you. That’s a reason why I left my business because I was sick and tired. I’d had enough of sitting back and complaining at dinner parties. I looked at the DA at the time and I said, this is the party that we need. All of us, like-minded South Africans, let’s combine together to remove this evil. Unfortunately, as you are aware, they are the ones who planned this evil to remove me as the mayor of the city of Johannesburg. They are making it difficult for us with our coalition arrangement. 

On being adamant that Action SA is not going to go into a coalition with the ANC

Over my dead body.

On the non-voting population of South Africa

I made it clear from the beginning of the launch of ActionSA that we are going to target the non-voting population because the others will get them anyway. The other parties are going to drop. We are going to get their vote. So our ambition to emerge as the biggest or second biggest political party is going to come from non-voting voters. Because they’ve given up on voting, because they don’t have confidence in other parties. As I’m talking to you now, I’ve got thousands of people out there every single day. They go out and register people not only with ActionSA, we register them with the IEC. To get someone to accept to register who had given up on politics, that person is going to vote and is going to vote for ActionSA. That is something that we are doing that the professors and analysts and all the clever people don’t really see. We operate on the ground.

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