How to invest and earn a passive income in USD from the comfort of your couch, using technology and real estate?

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Warren Buffett says, “The best investment globally is in yourself.”

Many South African’s are looking to diversify. Some want to move, some want to immigrate and so just want to protect their capital by investing in first world countries. Most importantly South African’s are looking for options for wealth preservation, a plan B and peace of mind from their investments.

Saying this according to the research in the last few decades more than 80% of South African’s who have invested overseas, have lost money. There has to be a better way.

We now catch an Uber, stay in AirBnb or even use internet banking. Technology has enabled us in some many areas of our lives, and yet, people are only now starting to consider technology for investing.

Whenever technology enables an industry it cuts out the middlemen, cuts the costs and increases the trust, transparency and accessibility. It is no different from the investment space and now technology is allowing people to invest, safe and simply.

In 2004, Scott Picken founded IPS (International Property Solutions) which helped over 2500 South African’s invest in property in the UK, Australia, America and South Africa. This started in residential property and then in 2013 launched the Wealth Migrate platform which allowed investors to invest in commercial property, with a specific focus on medical properties.

They now have members in 133 countries, have had more than $100 million USD invested through the platform and have facilitated over $600 million USD in real estate deals, with cash on cash returns of roughly 8% in USD and IRR’s of 13% to 20%, using technology and SMART Investing.

In 2014 Scott published the book Property Going Global, with a foreword from Clem Sunter and loves to share the knowledge after helping thousands of South African’s achieve their goals by investing in international property.

In March (16th to 19th) Scott and Wealth Migrate will be running a series of Wealth Breakfasts where they will answer the 10 questions all investors need to know:

  1. How to invest in property in the UK, Australia, the USA, South Africa and / or build a global portfolio?
  2. 4 Secrets to Wealth used by the Top 1%.
  3. The Ultimate Secret to creating Wealth in Real Estate, how to invest in residential and commercial property and remove the barriers?
  4. How the Top 1% understand the risks and manage them?
  5. How to choose the right countries, the right partners and the right deals?
  6. The Key Strategy used by the Wealthy to create Financial Freedom for themselves, how to build a global portfolio , immigrate and / or how to become a Global Citizen?
  7. How to manage the structures, bank accounts, tax and processes so it is safe and simple?
  8. How to create your own personal investment plan so that you can get to your own personal financial goal, starting with $1 million USD per investment or even getting started from $100?
  9. How Wealth Migrate works, earns our fees and is it safe?
  10. How to invest, create the life you want and also have a purposeful impact on the planet – the keys to your own freedom….

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