A recent Top 10 from Warren Buffett and not the investment kind…

The Oracle of Omaha turned 89 yesterday, but what keeps him going?

Apart from investing and market tips, Warren Buffett swears by his top 10 healthy tips:

  1. Get more sleep;
  2. Make time to exercise;
  3. Drink more water;
  4. Forgive first;
  5. Stay teachable;
  6. Read and write more;
  7. Show gratitude
  8. More random acts of kindness;
  9. Don’t respond to negativity; and
  10. Spend quality time with family.

As Herophilus, an ancient Greek physician once said: ‘when health is absent, wealth is useless.’

With a current wealth estimate of $78.1bn, I can agree that his health is most certainly present.